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  • ABB IRB 1600

ABB IRB 1600

The Pinnacle of 10kg Robot Performance

This robot represents the epitome of 10kg robot performance, featuring remarkably shorter cycle times, often half that of its counterparts. It empowers you to boost throughput while relishing in the superior workpiece quality synonymous with ABB robots. It's all about delivering that extra edge.

Double Your Throughput

In material handling, machine tending, and process applications, the IRB 1600 outpaces the competition with up to 50% shorter cycle times. Its agility in speeding up and slowing down between tasks is unmatched, thanks to ABB's second-generation QuickMove motion control, robust motors, and minimal friction losses in spur gears.


Precision Without Compromise
Most robots tend to cut corners at high speeds, but not the IRB 1600. Regardless of its pace, this robot maintains the same path, thanks to its unique combination of intelligence and brawn. The second-generation TrueMove motion control ensures that "what you program is what you get." Factor in its robust design, low vibrations, minimal friction, and you have a robot consistently delivering top-tier workpiece quality, high yields, and minimal rejects.


Unwavering Reliability

The IRB 1600 exudes unwavering reliability, even in the harshest environments and demanding 24/7 duty cycles. The entire manipulator carries an IP54 rating, with sensitive components boasting an IP67 rating as standard. For tougher foundry settings, the optional Foundry Plus protection offers IP67, specialized paint, rust protection, and custom-made durability. The rigid, heavy design coupled with spur gears makes this robot exceptionally robust. Smart collision detection software further enhances its already outstanding reliability.


Seamless Integration

Installation flexibility is a given, whether you choose to mount it on a shelf, wall, at an angle, or inverted. Opt for the compact short-arm version with a 1.2m reach, and you can even place the IRB 1600 inside a machine, all while ensuring ample payload capacity, as it can handle a maximum total load of up to 36kg.


Sustainability and Well-being

Low-friction spur gears and efficient movement profiles like QuickMove and TrueMove translate to minimal power consumption, with a maximum of 0.58 kW at top speed and even less at lower speeds. The robot's airborne noise level stays below 70 dB (A), creating a healthy acoustic environment.


Main Applications:


Arc Welding
Material Handling
Machine Tending
Material Removal

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