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  • ABB IRB 1520ID


Introducing a High-Precision Robotic Arc Welder

This high-precision robotic arc welder, featuring integrated process dressing, brings together round-the-clock production capabilities with a remarkable 50% reduction in maintenance costs, resulting in the most competitive cost per weld within its class.


Dedicated Arc Welding Robot

The IRB 1520ID, equipped with Integrated Dressing (ID), seamlessly integrates the hose package into the upper arm and through the robot's base. This innovative design channels all essential resources required for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas, and pressurized air, optimizing performance and energy efficiency. The IRB 1520ID delivers consistent welding, exceptional path accuracy, shortened cycle times, and a prolonged lifespan for the hose package. Thanks to the integrated dressing, it can conduct uninterrupted welding around cylindrical objects and effortlessly navigate tight spaces.


Flexible Installation

With a generous payload capacity of 4 kilograms and a 1.5-meter reach, the remarkably compact IRB 1520ID can be mounted in both floor and inverted positions. This installation versatility contributes to quick cycle times and a wide spectrum of production possibilities.


Superior Precision and Speed

ABB robots are renowned for their exceptional motion control, and the IRB 1520ID is no exception. Utilizing the second-generation TrueMove™ technology, this robot boasts outstanding path accuracy. Furthermore, the second-generation QuickMove™ technology allows the robot to maximize acceleration between welds, enhancing output while minimizing energy consumption.


Ease of Use and Programming

Programming and maintaining both the robot and the arc welding process are made straightforward with the ABB FlexPendant. It features an intuitive graphical interface that enables operators to control the robot and select process equipment in their preferred language. Equipped with a touchscreen and the unique ABB joystick for rapid and precise robot positioning, the FlexPendant simplifies operations. For those who value offline simulation and programming, ABB offers reliable and cost-effective software packages, including RobotStudio™ and RobotStudio Arc Welding PowerPac. With these tools, the robot can achieve predictable cycle times and consistent welding quality after just a few hours of setup.


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