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  • ABB IRB 1200
  • ABB IRB 1200

ABB IRB 1200

Delivering exceptional performance tailored for precision manufacturing, the IRB 1100 robot is engineered to boost manufacturing efficiency. Its primary goal is to enhance productivity on the manufacturing floor, offering cycle times that are up to 35% faster and unmatched repeatability, setting new standards for high-quality manufacturing. Even when working within tight spatial constraints, the IRB 1100 consistently outperforms similar robots, excelling in both payload capacity and position repeatability (RP). In fact, it stands out as the leader in payload capacity within its class.

Its compact and space-efficient design ensures adaptability during installation. In comparison to its predecessor, the IRB 1100 features a 10% smaller footprint and a remarkable 20% reduction in weight, making it an ideal choice for various environments, including electronics manufacturing facilities.


The compact size allows for the simultaneous deployment of multiple robots, facilitating collaborative automation operations and enabling more flexible handling, particularly for tasks involving heavy loads and intricate tools or end effectors. Equipped with ABB's innovative OmniCoreTM controller, the IRB 1100 possesses advanced motion control capabilities, making it perfectly suited for rapid assembly, pick-and-place, and material handling applications.


Despite its rugged performance, the IRB 1100 maintains a compact form, boasting an IP67 rating according to IEC 60529. This means that it offers protection against water and solid contaminants throughout the entire robot, from its base to its wrist.

For industries demanding stringent cleanliness standards, the cleanroom version of the IRB 1100, certified to ISO 14644-1, combines swift performance with a compact design. This makes it an excellent choice for sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, semiconductors, and solar panel manufacturing.


Key applications for the IRB 1100 span across assembly and testing, loading and unloading, screw driving, rubber insertion, as well as polishing, grinding, buffing, deburring, and sanding tasks. Powering the IRB 1100 are ABB's OmniCore E10 ultra-slim, C30 compact, and C90XT rugged compact controllers, offering a range of options to match specific operational needs.

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