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  • ABB Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500-25

ABB Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500-25

ABB's Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500-25 robot is one of the most advanced painting solutions available on the market. It is designed for both interior and exterior painting applications on automobiles and other surfaces. The system extends the flexibility of the IRB 5500-25 FlexPainter, which is the most versatile painting robot with the most versatile work envelope.

  • Some of its main features are:

    • Builds on more than 30 years of ABB automotive paint shop rail systems experience.
    • Eliminates the need for additional engineering and other costs associated with installing an IRB 5500-25 on a third-party rail.
    • ABB's integrated dynamic modeling for all axes reduces energy consumption, increases accuracy and provides fully synchronized and balanced paint robot motion.
    • The elevated rail sections (rail elements) are designed to be a self-supporting structure without the need for a beam support under the rail.
    • To maintain accuracy and avoid deflection, only two pillars with up to 4.7 meters (center to center) are used with one or two robots on the rail.
    • The elevated rail for the IRB 5500-25 fully supports offline programming and accurate cycle and path checking for all components (including the rail).
    • It supports up to four robots on a single rail.
    • Single carriage design allows for various mounting positions of the manipulator: inclined, vertical, inverted.
    • The cable chain is protected and integrated into the rail elements.
    • It has a centralized lubrication system for the rails and rack, and the carriage roller.
    • It has an automatic calibration sequence on axis 7 with a sensor to detect the calibration position; no calibration tool is required.
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