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  • 100W Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers

100W Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers

Fiber-delivered direct diode lasers have a wide range of applications, with two primary uses being laser soldering and plastic laser welding.

Laser soldering is an excellent solution for lead-free electronic soldering because it offers precise control over position and temperature. It is characterized by non-contact soldering, rapid heating, and a minimal heat-affected zone, making it ideal for lead-free soldering due to its ability to provide fast heating with minimal heat impact.

In laser beam-transmission welding of plastics, one of the components involved needs to be transparent to the laser beam, while the other component should either directly absorb the beam or have a coating at the interface that absorbs the beam. Pressure is applied to these two components while the laser beam moves along the joining line, enabling efficient welding of plastic materials.

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