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KUKA KR DELTA Hygienic Robot KR 3 D1200


For pick-and-place jobs in the high-speed sector, such as the food industry, KUKA Delta robots are ideal.


Maximum payload: 3-6 kg
Maximum reach: 1200 mm
Mounting position: Ceiling,
Pose repeatability (ISO 9283): ± 0,05 mm
Number of axes: 4
Controller: KR C5 micro
Tipo de protección (IEC 60529): IP67
Tipo de protección muñeca de robot (IEC 60529): IP69K


A1: -109 ° / 42 °
A2; -109 ° / 42 °
A3: -109 ° / 42 °
A4: ±355 °


A1: 600 °/s
A2: 600 °/s
A3: 600 °/s
A4: 1091 °/s



KUKA KR DELTA Hygienic Robot KR 3 D1200

The KR DELTA robot is a high-flexibility industrial robot with a payload of up to 6 kg. It works reliably in a cylindrical work envelope with a height of 250 mm and a diameter of 1200 mm. It has a flexible flange for easy mounting of tools, a high speed of up to 0.5 seconds, a small footprint, and encapsulated gearing and ball joints made of self-lubricating material. It is particularly low-maintenance due to its encapsulated gearing and ball joints made of self-lubricating material.

Robots made by KUKA DELTA are intended for usage in extremely delicate situations, like close contact with food, medicine, or electronic components. The German LFGB and US FDA food regulations are met by the corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, which also complies with European CE certification, US UL certification, and German TÜV safety function certification. The robot may be cleaned under high pressure and with alkaline or acidic cleaning chemicals because it is protected against dust and moisture according to protection class IP 67. The new KUKA KR C5 micro robot control unit, which uses roughly 35% less energy than the previous model, is used to operate the robots. The KUKA spider has a 3kg payload and an overall IP 67 rating for enhanced sanitary protection.

The KR C5 micro robot controller from KUKA is designed to provide maximum performance, connectivity and flexibility in the smallest of spaces. It unites robot, PLC, motion and safety control in an ultra-compact housing with a volume of just 16 liters. It is an open and flexible platform with no compromises, and can be integrated into existing automation landscapes and take on KR C4 applications as a “functional twin”. The controller meets current field bus standards for cell and line integration via software options, and is equipped with the necessary hardware resources and flexible I/O ports to adapt quickly to future tasks and standards.

  • Ethernet and digital IO interfaces enable a variety of cloud systems and provide seamless integration with OT, IT, and cloud environments Compatibility

  • Efficient integration into current infrastructures The KUKA smartPAD (KSS) and KUKA smartPAD pro (iiQKA.OS) are simple and straightforward to use, and they seamlessly integrate with the KUKA robot lineup.

  • Low TCO, less energy use, decreased complexity, and increased dependability

  • Ready for usage wherever complies with globally applicable ISO standards There are 25 accessible languages, including the most significant Asian language.

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