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KR CYBERTECH robots of light workload for handling, assembly, palletized and welding with gas shielding. Its design is compact and flexible for cells and reduced work areas while granting great potency, speed and lowering costs. Wide variety for mounting positions, angle, wall, floor, ceiling.

  • The newer Kuka controller

    The KR C4 provides a stable base for the tomorrow's automatization.  Reduced costs thanks to automatization. Efficiency and flexibility for a long term while the systems enhance at the same time.

    As a result of this, KUKA has developed a brand new systematic and structured functions focused on standart open data,  all integrated controllers. from SafetyControl, RobotControl y MotionControl to LogicControl and ProcessControl have a shared data base and infrastructure used in a more secure, flexible, stronger and above all smarter way.

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