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Jaka VPS

JAKA Lens VPS 2.0 is a sophisticated vision system that leverages high-performance AI-SoC (System-on-Chip) technology to provide a range of advanced capabilities. Here are some key features and functions of the JAKA Lens VPS 2.0:


AI-SoC Chip: The vision system is powered by a high-performance AI-SoC chip. This chip is designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tasks, enabling the camera to perform complex image analysis and recognition tasks with efficiency.

Memory and Storage: The camera is equipped with high-speed and large-capacity memory and storage, ensuring it can process and store large amounts of data generated during its operations.


Advanced Vision Functions: JAKA Lens VPS 2.0 is capable of a variety of advanced vision functions, including target detection, object recognition, human posture analysis, and behavioral understanding. These capabilities enable it to analyze and interpret the visual information it captures.


Feature Point Extraction: The camera has the ability to extract feature points from the images it captures. Feature points are specific locations or patterns in an image that can be used for various purposes, including object tracking and identification.


Real-Time Monitoring: The camera is typically positioned on top of a collaborative robot's working area. It provides real-time monitoring of the behavior and movements of objects in its field of view. Deep learning algorithms are used to detect and understand these behaviors, which can help ensure the safety of both robots and humans in the workspace.


Gigabit Ethernet Port: The camera is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, which facilitates high-speed data transfer and communication. This port supports industrial data extraction and video visualization processing, allowing for efficient data analysis and integration with other systems.


Video Recording: The camera can record video during alarm periods. This feature is valuable for security and safety applications, as it allows for the capture of video evidence in case of unusual or critical events.


Overall, JAKA Lens VPS 2.0 is a powerful vision system that combines AI technology with high-speed data processing capabilities. Its applications include object recognition, behavior analysis, safety monitoring in collaborative robot environments, and more. It is a valuable tool for enhancing automation and safety in various industries.

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