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  • IRB 6790

IRB 6790

The go-to expert for washing and cleaning tasks in challenging environments, this robot is the market leader in terms of the lowest total cost of ownership, especially in the most demanding washing and cleaning applications. It's meticulously designed to ensure high reliability in harsh conditions while slashing maintenance costs by up to 60%.

Key Features:

Maintenance expenses reduced by up to 60% when compared to the IRB 6640.
Outstanding protection against both liquids and solids with an IP 69 rating.
A 15% decrease in power consumption compared to the IRB 6640.
Superior resistance to thermal and chemical factors.
Works seamlessly without the need for a complex protective cover.
Unmatched Performance in Rugged Environments:
ABB's IRB 6790 Foundry Prime robot is purpose-built for high-pressure water jet cleaning, washing, and similar applications in demanding industrial settings with 100% humidity. ABB has developed this third-generation Foundry Prime robot with a focus on enhancing reliability, system uptime, and cost-efficiency by reducing maintenance requirements. There are two variants available: one with a 205 kg payload and a 2.80 m reach, and another with a 235 kg payload and a 2.65 m reach.

Exceptional Flexibility for Enhanced Productivity:
The IRB 6790 offers exceptional flexibility, enabling the cleaning of different part geometries within the same cell without any downtime for changeovers. This not only supports mass customization for automotive and original equipment manufacturers and their tier suppliers but also delivers faster speeds and, on average, a 5% reduction in cycle time compared to the IRB 6640. The robot's design is centered around ensuring reliability, improved system uptime, and streamlined maintenance for ease of serviceability, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership by 60% when compared to the IRB 6640.

Advanced Protection from Water and Dust:
With an IP69 rating that shields it from water and dust ingress, the third-generation Foundry Prime robot goes further by providing enhanced protection against heat, cleaning pressure, chemicals, and dirt typically encountered in harsh and wet environments, all without the need for an additional, complex protective covering.

Given that cleaning and washing processes often involve detergents with pH levels as high as 10, the Foundry Prime robot is constructed with a high chemical tolerance. Additionally, all external surfaces of the robot are either coated or made of stainless steel to guard against corrosion. The Foundry Prime 3 is designed to endure 100% humidity and the water vapor typical of aggressive cleaning operations, ensuring a long product lifespan.

Additional Features:

Stainless steel and nickel-plated surfaces offer corrosion protection.
Reduced risk of washing detergent infiltration by locating robot connectors outside the washing cell.
Compatibility with neutral/alkaline washing detergents with pH levels between 7 and 10.
All electrical components, wrist, and balancing unit are pressurized and monitored.
Achieves a 5% shorter cycle time compared to the IRB 6640.
Target Applications:

High-pressure cleaning
High-pressure deburring
Immersion cleaning
Waterjet cleaning



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