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  • IRB 6660

IRB 6660

The IRB 6660 stands as a highly dependable robot engineered for demanding high-performance tasks. Its rigid construction ensures precision and swift cycle times, ultimately boosting productivity. This robot is available in three versions: two with extended reach tailored for high-performance press tending operations, and a third version designed for challenging applications like machining castings.


Key Features:

The Optimized Pre-Machining Robot

Achieving high productivity in machining applications demands a robust and sturdy robot. The IRB 6660 features a parallel arm structure and boasts a compact yet durable mechanical design. Its unique dual bearing system, along with robust gears and motors, provides essential support for handling varying process forces typically encountered in milling, deburring, and grinding applications.


Furthermore, the robot is compatible with ABB's Foundry Plus 2 protection and incorporates dedicated cable protection to enhance reliability and uptime.

RobotWare Machining Force Control
This software product enhances process outcomes and quality by ensuring controlled contact force in grinding applications, resulting in improved and consistent product quality.


The Optimized Press Tending Robot
The most crucial robot axes have been reinforced to meet the demands of typical press cycle times. Coupled with the parallel arm design, this enhances the robot's stiffness, control, and speed. Additionally, the robot's gears have been strengthened to extend their lifespan and enhance their performance at higher speeds. It also includes power and resolver cabling up to the upper arm housing, simplifying the integration of an external axis.


Primary Applications:


Press Tending
Machine Tending

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