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  • IRB 6620

IRB 6620

Key Highlights


Introducing the agile large robot


This relatively compact and lightweight robot offers easy installation without compromising its handling capacity or reachability. Its compact design and shelf compatibility make it a perfect fit for scenarios where robots need to be positioned on different levels. In such cases, the shelf-mounted robot can be tilted to create additional space between the two levels.


Opt for the IRB 6620, and you'll enjoy a flexible and cost-effective solution that boosts uptime and reduces production expenses.


Machine Tending The IRB 6620 excels in machine tending applications, such as Die Casting and Injection Molding, where quick extraction is essential. One key advantage is its extensive downward working range, making it ideal for mounting above machines to save valuable floor space. Additionally, it can be inverted for different material handling applications, further optimizing floor space. In all these configurations, the lightweight nature of the robot enhances installation efficiency.


Primary Applications:

Machine Tending

Material Handling

Spot Welding

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