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  • FANUC M-1


The FANUC M-1 series of robots represents a unique and ultra-compact solution for high-speed small parts handling. These robots are designed to excel in applications that demand precise and rapid handling of small objects. Here are some key features of the FANUC M-1 series:


  • Multiple Configurations: The M-1 series is available in multiple configurations, offering 3, 4, or 6 axes. This versatility allows users to choose the robot that best fits their specific application requirements.


  • Payload Capacity: These robots are specialists in handling light payloads, with a maximum capacity of 1 kg. This makes them well-suited for applications involving small and delicate parts.


  • Compact Design: The ultra-compact design of the M-1 series allows them to operate in confined spaces. Their work envelope extends up to 420 mm, providing flexibility in positioning and reach.


  • Variable Mounting Positions: These robots can be mounted in various positions, making them adaptable to different types of machinery and automation setups. This flexibility simplifies integration into existing systems.


  • Alternative to Hard Automation: The M-1 series offers an alternative to complicated and expensive hard automation solutions. Their dexterity and speed make them suitable for tasks that traditionally required intricate and costly automation setups.


Applications: The FANUC M-1 series is suitable for a wide range of applications where high-speed, precise handling of small parts is essential. Some common applications include:


  • Assembly: These robots are capable of performing assembly tasks that involve manipulating and placing small components with accuracy and speed.

  • Pick and Place: They excel in pick and place operations, where objects need to be picked from one location and precisely deposited in another.

  • Packaging: In packaging applications, the M-1 series can be used to handle small items and prepare them for shipping or further processing.

  • Inspection: Their speed and precision make them valuable for quality inspection tasks, where products need to be examined for defects or irregularities.

  • Material Handling: These robots are also suitable for material handling tasks, such as transferring items between conveyor belts or loading and unloading machines.

In summary, the FANUC M-1 series of robots offers a compact and versatile solution for high-speed handling of small parts. Their ability to handle light payloads and work in tight spaces makes them valuable assets in industries where precision and efficiency are paramount.