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  • Fanuc ARC Mate 100iD

Fanuc ARC Mate 100iD

The ARC Mate 100iD is a next-generation arc welding robot known for its productivity enhancements and rapid integration capabilities. It features a sleek and sophisticated design that optimizes space usage, making it suitable for compact welding cells. This robot is designed to streamline welding operations, offering improved workspace, reach, and stroke, even in challenging positions.


Key Specifications:


Number of Axes: 6.
Reach: 1441 mm.
Load Capacity: 12 kg.


The ARC Mate 100iD is designed to maximize productivity in welding applications while minimizing workspace requirements. Its innovative curved design allows it to operate efficiently in compact welding cells, making the most of available space. This design also incorporates a fully integrated welding hosepack and utility cables, further optimizing workspace utilization.


One of the standout features of the ARC Mate 100iD is its expanded workspace, reach, and stroke capabilities, even in areas that are typically challenging to access (backflip area). This extended working range enables the robot to handle a wider variety of welding tasks and workpieces, providing greater flexibility on the production floor.

Improved rigidity and repeatability, combined with faster motion speeds, contribute to increased productivity. The robot's high precision and reliability make it an ideal choice for industries that require consistent and high-quality welds.


With six axes, the ARC Mate 100iD is versatile and capable of accessing workpieces from various angles and positions. It excels in a wide range of arc welding applications, from automotive manufacturing to general metal fabrication, where efficiency and precision are paramount.


In summary, the ARC Mate 100iDis a next-generation arc welding robot that combines a sophisticated design with enhanced productivity features. Its expanded working range and improved performance make it a valuable asset for industries that demand efficient and high-quality welding processes.

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