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  • ABB IRB 1300

ABB IRB 1300

High Lifting Capacity

The IRB 1300, a six-axis industrial robot, boasts the reach and lifting capacity to cater to demanding high-load applications across various industries, including electronics, general manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, and tier 1 automotive production. Available in four primary load/reach configurations – 12 kg/1.4 m, 11 kg/0.9 m, 10 kg/1.15 m, and 7 kg/1.4 m – the 12 kg variant stands out as the highest payload offering in its class.


Increased Production Efficiency in Compact Spaces

Addressing the need for heightened production output within limited space, the ABB IRB 1300 weighs nearly 60 percent less and occupies just one-sixth of the floor space compared to ABB's IRB 1600 robot. With a footprint of just 220 mm by 220 mm, the IRB 1300 facilitates the deployment of multiple robots within a given area, optimizing workspace utilization.


Accelerated Cycle Times for Enhanced Production

The IRB 1300 ensures swift production with a remarkable 27 percent improvement in cycle times. Its greater payload capacity and extended reach make it suitable for a wide range of tasks, including materials handling, machine tending, polishing, and assembly and testing applications.


Advanced Motion Control

The IRB 1300 benefits from ABB's OmniCore controller, empowering it with advanced motion control capabilities and exceptional path accuracy. This enables the execution of complex tasks such as polishing and machine tending.


Adaptability to Harsh and Cleanroom Environments

The IRB 1300 offers versatility with versions designed for harsh environments, including IP67-rated models and Foundry Plus 2 options. Additionally, there are cleanroom ISO 4 versions that cater to contamination-sensitive production settings. The Foundry Plus 2 variant features stainless steel components on the end effector to prevent rusting.


Enhanced Protection and Longer Service Life

The robot is equipped with features that protect against premature wear, extending its service life and reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

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