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  • 12000W Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers

12000W Fiber Delivered Direct Diode Lasers

High powered fiber delivered direct diode laser mainly used in hardening and cladding. In hardening applications lasers are excellent heat source for hardening of metal parts for preventing surface wear while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base material. A partial hardening can be realized while the higher flexibility of the ferritic structure can be kept in other zones as well. At induction hardening, this selective processing is not possible. As almost no warping of material is caused, there is often no need for additional methods to correct deformations of the workpiece. Laser cladding is an additive manufacturing process in which material is fused onto a substrate. The laser cladding process is often used in heavy construction industries to build a new surface for increased functionality, as well as repair damaged surfaces that worn down by repeatedly use. The laser beam creates a molten pool at the workpiece surface, to which is simultaneously added the coating material molten by the laser. The result is a layer that is connected with the basic material metallurgical. It is tougher than the coatings created by thermal spraying, and compared to hard chromium plating for example, it is harmless to health.

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