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A member of the Agilus generation's compact six-axis payload robots. superior accuracy and quickness versus competing devices with the same feature set. Ideal for applications that demand incredibly fast cycle speeds.


Number of axes: 6
Maximum payload: 10kg
Maximum reach: 1101 mm
Pose repeatability: ± 0,03 mm
Controller: KR C5 micro;
KR C4 compact
Prot. rating, in-line wrist: IP67


Axis 1: ±170 °
Axis 2: -190 ° / 45 °
Axis 3: -120 ° / 156 °
Axis 4: ±185 °
Axis 5: ±120 °
Axis 6: ±350 °


Measuring / Testing
Clean room application
Machine loading and unloading
Palletizing/ Packing
Mechanical processing & polishing
Application / Painting / Bonding
Protective gas welding


Compact six-axis robot KR AGILUS is made for the fastest working speeds. This little robot is a versatile precision artist thanks to its various variations, mounting positions, reaches, and load capacities.

Whether the environment is dusty, sterile or wet: KR AGILUS achieves the best possible performance in all production environments. Different versions such as Hygienic Machine, EX (for hazardous areas) and Waterproof make it a true specialist for many tasks.

In any production scenario, the KR AGILUS delivers maximum performance.

Thanks to its sturdy structure, it achieves maximum repeat accuracy and continuous precision. Extreme speed allows for shorter cycle times and higher production quality without going over the predetermined cycle times.

The KR AGILUS requires less maintenance and does not require lubricant changes because its gears are permanently lubricated.

Protection against electrostatic discharge is already included as standard equipment on the KR AGILUS.

The KR AGILUS can be configured for even the most extreme environmental conditions: With the development of the KR AGILUS EX, we have expanded the waterproof version with explosion protection.

Due to its design, the KR AGILUS is also able to work with maximum precision in explosion-hazardous environments (zone 2). The pressure is monitored by a special external overpressure detection unit, which is optionally available from KUKA.

With its integrated power supply system and KUKA control technology, the KR AGILUS is a versatile robot that can operate with maximum precision in small spaces. It is splash-proof or sanitary with a precise and fast design and comes in several variants for use in clean rooms or potentially explosive conditions.





Simple to plan, operate and maintain

Continuation of service-proven PC-based control technologies

Quick and easy operation thanks to continued use of familiar operator control concepts

Expansion of the set of commands for more user-friendly path programming

High compatibility with previous programs for the KR C2

Safety, Robot, Logic, Motion and ProcessControl in a single control system

Real-time communication between the dedicated control processes

Central basic services for maximum data consistency

Seamless integration of safety technology for entirely new fields of application

Integrated software firewall for greater network security

Innovative software functions for optimized energy efficiency

Future-compatible technology platform without proprietary hardware

Multi-core processor support for scalable performance

Fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet

Integrated memory cards for important system data

New fan concept for optimized energy efficiency

Maintenance-free cooling without filter mats

Highest performance in the smallest possible space

Maximum availability

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